Thursday, August 25, 2011

War of WIPs Call to Arms #6

Want to join the war?? Check out the 2011 War of WIPs page.

In addition to finishing WIPs, there will be optional side quests to organize your knitting life! Check out the War of WIPs page for more information!

I don't have any completed object for this week. I did rip out another old project that I know I wasn't going to ever finish and reskeined and washed the yarn so I can add it back to my stash.

I went through my DPNs and interchangeable needle set and catalogued those. I just have circulars left to do ... I did collect up all my circulars and put them in my needle case so that they are all in the same spot. Have you been working on organizing your needles??

I also, for some idiotic reason, agreed to make someone a baby surprise jacket for the end of next month to give as a gift .... duh!

Next Battles on the Horizon:

Celeano Shawl 9/30/11
Niantic Rose Shawl 9/30/11
Ribband 9/30/11
Coriolis Socks
Nugatory Socks
February Lady Sweater
Derek's Scarf
Reversible Cable Scarf
Icarus Shawl
Stenciling storage boxes
Hummingbird Cross Stitch

***Optional Side Quest August 14-28***
Organize your Knitting Needle Stash

Do you really know what sizes and how many of each you have in your stash? Do you give up trying to find the size you are looking for and just buy another set? Take this time and collect up all your needles and catalog them!

If you are a member of Ravelry you can do it there. You can jot it down in the notebook. You can make up a spreadsheet in Excel, whatever suits your fancy and is something that you will finish doing!!

Complete this for the post on 9/1/11 and you might just win a prize!!

If you are joining the quest to defeat the WIPs, please join the Call to Arms here:


Sue said...

Well, you did have something rather important on the agenda last weekend! I've just completed a post.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Feels good to rip out an old WIP that's never going to be finished, doesn't it? I also like liberating the needles for new projects!

geeky Heather said...

Oh my gosh! I totally forgot to post that I had at least organized all my needles! I'm going to go update my post.

I think ripping out and reskeining is fantastic progress!