Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Knit is Up 2009

Can you believe its already mid-November?? I've got some things that have been hanging around as WIPs for quite some time now and I am determined to get them finished by the end of the year ... or at least the end of Winter, that'll give me a few more months.

1. Gloves for Diane - these were supposed to be a Christmas present oh last year. I just found a post on my previous blog that I finished the first one 11/11/08. I found another post from August 08 where it was half done. Still not sure when I actually originally cast on.

2. Scarf for Derek - this was another one that was supposed to be a Christmas present, I hope last year and no the year before, LOL!

3. Christmas stocking ... would be nice to have it for some Christmas this decade!

That's all I am gonna hold myself to at this point. I have so many thing half done, but I've made lists before and think they are too big, so I never complete them.

I found a post from January 09 that included this:

Things I learned in 2008
Fair Isle
2 socks at the same time
Continental Knitting (this could have been ’07)
Seaming and Finishing

Techniques I want to learn in 2009
Slip Stitch
Knitting with Beads
Lace Shawl

Projects to Finish
Hooded Scarf
Faux Dr. Who Scarf
Tank Top
Mitered Mittens
Christmas Stocking

Well ... the only thing I finishsed this year was the tank top. I guess I can move the techniques to 2010, LOL!! Never did do any of those.

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Anonymous said...

Well, the finish list doesn't look "too" bad. I guess it depends on how far along the scarf and the stockings are. The gloves sound like maybe THEY would be a quick finish.