Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas time is here ....

Well, not really, but I figured if I wanted to make xmas cards this year I better get a move on. So after pulling a bunch of stuff (and I have quite a bit of stuff) up from the basement to look through. I made a mess out of my craft room, but came up with this:

Photo is horrible, but its not easy to take a photo of paper and my scanner is not hooked up right now. I only have one more blue card so I'll have to go get more of those, but I think I can get away with not having to purchase any other supplies to make several of these. I typically only send hand made cards to those I know will appreciate them, everyone else gets a store bought one.

I got my last shipment from the Socks that Rock 2009 club :o( I'm not sad with what I've got, I'm sad its the last one. However, I have yet to knit any from this year. So if I cannot afford to sign up for next year I have 6 skeins waiting anyway, LOL!

I also have 4 from the Lord of the Rings sock club that I didn't knit yet. So plenty to work on in 2010.

I recently finished Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind. I listened to the audio version. I downloaded the next in the series because the first was very enjoyable. I think before that one I am going to listen to Neil Gaiman's Stardust. I really enjoyed Neverwhere and loved the movie Coraline and listened to Coraline after seeing the movie. I also like that he narrates his own work and has a wonderful speaking voice.

I finished the heel on my second Leyburn sock, in yarn that I dyed myself. Hope to finish that one up this week and have a pair! I also cast on self striping yarn in Toe up Socks with a Difference and have one sock almost completed.

Here are the two beasties being cute ... they are brother and sister actually from different litters (I got them from a woman I work with and their mom has since been spayed, yay!).


Anonymous said...

Awww...sweet kitties.

Your Christmas card is adorable.

Anita said...

Love the card!!
And the Sweet kittys. :)