Monday, September 26, 2016

FO: Yoda

My first try at crocheted Amigurimi.  It was a little tricky and fiddly but I figured it out.  

Yarn: Included in kit
Hook: 3.5mm
Started: May 15, 2016
Finished: Sept 26, 2016

Definitely fun, much easier if you know what you are doing and its pretty quick to work up.  I have to work on my crochet tension, I tend to "throw" the yarn as if I was knitting and it makes for awkwardness and uneven tension.  


elns said...

Yoda! I do love me some Star Wars. Surprisingly as I get older and mellow out I feel less offended by the prequel as well. I think that's my Kid's doing. His pure joy at discovering the Star Wars series when he was little was infectious. Yoda. Everyone loves a yoda. Are you going to the crochet dark side now?!? Isn't the knitting and the spinning enough? sheesh!

Marie said...

I found these figures very fiddly! Out grandson gave me a kit that did two for a Christmas gift. I made those two and then was told that he wants five more of the different ones in the little book. I did not enjoy crocheting them and I don't have the scrap yarns it would take to finish them. I may one day try again but just did not enjoy it!
Marie in NC