Friday, August 26, 2016

FO: Take it All Shawl

Pattern: Take it All by Lisa Hannes
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Bare (dyed by me)
Cast On: 7/27/16
Finished: 8/24/16

This is a great pattern.  Its super simple, but never boring.  Its knit sideways starting with a few stitches that continually increases to 200+ at the end.  There are two options for the last section, I liked this one with the picot bind off.

The pattern called for one MC and 8 CC.  It suggested solid or tonal yarn (not striping or variegated).  Since most of my sock yarn stash is striping or wildly variegated, I decided to dye up some yarn!

I used Wilton's Color Performance System - a liquid food coloring.  This gives a much wider range of colors (while staying non toxic for the kitchen sink).

Just for curiosity sake I kept track of how long this shawl took to knit.  Ever have those non-knitters or crafters 1) ask you how long something took to make and 2) tell you that you should sell these things (to make money).  Well I now have an answer to them - I had a snarky ballpark comment I usually give - "Do you want to pay $350 for these socks?!?!" Now I know I wasn't that far off:


It took 30 hours to knit this, that doesn't include weaving in the ends ...

Or blocking ...

Now you know ;)


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Beautiful shawl

And you're pretty much bang on for the sock calculation - I once calculated it takes a min. of 25 hours to knit a plain pair of vanilla socks in size 7. Add in the cost of the yarn and yep - $300-$350

elns said...

Oh man you said it! People don't get it. It's for the love of the knit, man!

Anyhow, this is a beautiful shawl. I really love the way the charcoal gray works with the bright contrast colors. I LOVE The bright contrast colors you dyed up. I think I need some brightness in my next knitting project or red...