Sunday, December 6, 2015

FO: Happy Frog

Pattern: Happy Frog  by Emily Stoneking
Yarn: Left overs of Ella Rae Cozy Prints
Needles: US 3 DPNs
Cast On: December 2, 2015
Finished: December 6, 2015

This is a super cute and quick pattern.  The only issues - which had nothing to do with the pattern was sewing on the eyes, the safety eyes are so heavy they caused the little eye pieces to flop all over while I was trying to sew them down.  I coined a new phrase to indicate something is annoying and difficult while doing it, "Its like trying to sew eyes on a frog."

I also had fun singing "Blockin' the Frog, Blockin' the Frog" to the tune of Judas Priest's Breakin' the Law while I was pinning down the arms and legs.

While I was half way through the knitting, my husband went shopping one day and said he saw something he had to get for me and had a little present ... it was this other frog, LOL!  And I had not shown him the knitted frog yet - he had no idea I was currently knitting a frog ... LOL!


Anonymous said...

Little froggie looks like a biology project while he is blocking. LOL

I will be stealing that line "hard as sewing eyes on a frog"! That says it ALL!!!!

Looks like knitted froggie has a very handsome new friend.

elns said...

hehe Big head, Big eyes a winning combination that almost always equals cute! hehe.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Knot froggy is adorable! And so is bought froggy!

Alyssa said...

This is so adorable. I can't take it! :)