Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Traveling Monsters Vol. 6

This is Tutulli's visit, she hails from Texas.  Quite a ways from here.  We took her up to the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

The weather wasn't great, it rained a bit, but that cooled things off.

We helped my SIL make brownies.

We checked out the pond.

Lots of frogs, tadpoles, variations of tadpole/frog, newts!!  Don't know if I will swim in there again any time soon ...

We played Zombie Dice.

We checked out the bear (we have a smaller version - cub at home - didn't see the real bear(s) this visit.

We popped around the property and checked out the pretty wild flowers.

And the Lunar Moth.

And some other fuzzy moth ...

And some more flowers ...

And then the weather cleared up ...

1 comment:

elns said...

I like Tutu by the pond. I think that's my favorite, but I am impressed with it's baking skills. I mean really ... who doesn't love brownies?