Monday, June 8, 2015

Master Knitting Level 2 Vol. 1

And on to Level 2!  As you can see, I took no break between Level 1 and 2, LOL!  With the excitement of passing Level 1 ... I figured I'd make use of the forward momentum.

Level 2 focuses much more on finishing techniques and color work. Of the 19 swatches most of them are displaying the knitter's seaming abilities, picking up and working bands (neck/arm) and button holes and pockets.

In addition to the 16 questions, which must be referenced and cited and usually have 2-6 sub questions (for example, questions 1-4 ... I counted 8), also required is 3-4 page report on the history of knitting, four book reviews as well as many more instructions and patterns for swatches written.

The projects include an Argyle sock (yup, just one), a Fair Isle wrislet and a vest (either Fair Isle or something with seaming).

Whew!  On to level 2!


elns said...

You really seemed to enjoy Level 1, so I think it's a good idea you are carrying forward with your momentum sooner than later. It sounds like more good stuff. Definitely next level as I start to twitch thinking about Fair Isle...

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing (and hearing about ), your progress with Level 2!