Monday, February 9, 2015

Penguin Pieces & To Dos

The Penguin Pillow is looking more like a penguin ... well parts of one anyway.  The body is done, its soaking now.  I am going to attempt to block the edges to make seaming easier.  Both wings are done, a foot and half the scarf.

I had a list of things I was trying to get done yesterday that I am still working on today.  They are just things that I should get around to.  

For example, I got a new supported spindle recently and the maker has notes on the receipt ... on how to store them ... and how NOT to.  I was storing them in the NOT to category previously.  This new spindle has NO WOBBLE whatsoever, so I want to keep it that way.

It is better to store them upright with no pressure on the shaft, this avoids it bending over time.  For now I found a box and poked some holes in it.  I hope to make something more permanent and out of wood, like a shelf I can hang on the wall.

I also took pics of all my supported spindles to add them to Ravelry.  Don't ask how many ... ok I'll tell you ... 25 ... yup.  You can see them here, I'm still working on adding them, but more of them are up.

Hopefully I'll get some yarn wound today, that's last on my list ... because the one other notation left on the list, I don't entirely understand what I meant, LOL!!


Leah said...

Ingenious spindle storage. I look forward to seeing your finished penguin pillow - sounds adorable.

elns said...

Well, well, aren't you a clever bird (get it? ha!) Can't wait to see the pillow in it's final final.