Tuesday, January 27, 2015

FO: Manos Merino

Manos del Uraguay
100% Extra Fine Merino
Color: Dragon

This was a lovely fiber to spin.  I love the colors (plus, its called Dragon, so  .... duh!).  Some parts of it were a little difficult to deal with, uneven staple lengths, but for the most part it felt like butter in my hands.

I decided to try a traditional 3-ply.

I got 306 yds of a fingering weight 3-ply.  I tried navajo plying the left overs, but it just fell apart, so I did a 2-ply for 53 yds.  It is super soft and squishy, as a 2ply its a little uneven, but the 3 ply rounded out nicely.


Anonymous said...

Interesting how different the yarns can look from the batts. So pretty all done up.

autumngeisha said...

Beautiful! I've not had the chance to spin merino yet but it looks heavenly.