Sunday, March 30, 2014

In denial

I suffer from Knitter's Denial - even when I am designing something ...  I see what's going on, I recognize what is going to happen in the end ... but still I knit on thinking hoping that it will magically change somehow.

I was working on my next shawl design and I could see that the increase rate was too high, it was going to be larger than I wanted in the end.

I consulted with the Master ...

Yoda that is.

He told me, "Stop knitting you must!  There is no try, only UN-do!"

So sometime this week I will rip it all out (its not too far - I was on the 7th repeat of an 11 stitch edge pattern with increasing body stitches) but I am not in the mood to do it today.

I consider this type of thing SWATCHING ... yeah that's what I tell myself ...


Anonymous said...


But, you must listen to Master Yoda. Wrong he is not.

kathy b said...

Yoda is wise…and sorry to say, usually correct