Saturday, December 29, 2012

FO: Spinning

It started as this.

It ended as this.

And this ... if you can see, one bobbin is the first and the singles are a little thick and lumpy, so I decided to stop plying here and will navajo ply the two bobbins separately.  I won't get much yardage, but its good practice!

This skein, like the last one I spun is a little crazy energized, but I like the way the colors look together plied this way.

When I started plying balanced, it looked like this and I didn't like it.

Its now soaking in a wash to make it more compliant and get rid of most of the crazy springing and coiling it was doing fresh off the bobbin.

I got approximately 330 yards (you never really know until after its washed, I counted the times around the kniddy knoddy).