Sunday, October 28, 2012

Harvest Time

Its almost time for winter.  This summer I bought a few herb plants.  We harvested them today.  By "we" I mean my husband went out in the rain and cut them, and I prepared them for drying.

I can clearly see that two scents I love ... look similar ... coincidence?  I think not.  Though they look the same, these bundles are rosemary (left) and lavender (middle and right).

I washed the dirt off the ends of the stems and tied them into bundles (with yarn left overs of course).

English Lavender.

Rosemary (OMG love the taste and scent!!).

Bundles dried (of water from washing) and ready to hang in the closet for a few weeks.  I've never cultivated (by that I mean buying and having hubby plant and cut) or dried herbs before, this is a first for me :o)

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WildflowerWool said...

I can smell them from here!