Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Felines


There's a lot going on behind those eyes.  We adopted him from a rescue.  He's the smartest cat I've ever lived with.

He often paws at me and meows, then looks confused, like - why doesn't she understand what I am saying??  He intently watches us and mimics -  he's great at opening doors.

He gets mad easily, I think because he gets frustrated that we don't understand him or that what he is trying to do isn't working as he planned.

He's persistent and never gives up.

I "get" him, even if he doesn't think so, I love that he's quirky and weird ... so am I.


Sue said...

He is lovely. They get really cheesed off with us when we don't "get" what they are saying.

Vera said...

He is so pretty!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Smart cats are dangerous. I have one... fortunately, he's too lazy to really put his genius to good (or bad) use

Anonymous said...

Nicoh has beautiful eyes! And, that is a great shot of him. You can really appreciate his whiskers!

Lynn said...

What a beautiful face. He fits is name. Isn't it amazing the personalities our little furry friends have???