Thursday, October 27, 2011

War of WIPs Call to Arms #15

Want to join the war?? Check out the 2011 War of WIPs page.

In addition to finishing WIPs, there will be optional side quests to organize your knitting life! Check out the War of WIPs page for more information!

I finished knitting the second Nugatory sock, it just has to be seamed at the toe! Photos of finished objects to follow when I have photo taking light available.

Next Battles on the Horizon:

Bat Shawl Vanquished 8/27/11
Celeano Shawl Vanquished 10/16/11
Niantic Rose Shawl 10/31/11
Ribband 10/31/11
Coriolis Socks Vanquished 9/8/11
Nugatory Socks 11/15/11
February Lady Sweater
Derek's Scarf 11/30/11
Reversible Cable Scarf 11/30/11
Saroyan 12/15/11
Icarus Shawl
Stenciling storage boxes
Hummingbird Cross Stitch

October 16-30
Organize your Knitting Library

Do you know what books and magazines you have? Have you ever purchased a magazine twice?? I have!! I've almost purchased the same book twice too! Have you actually knit anything from the books you have? If you are a member of Ravelry you can update your library with the books on your shelves!

We still have time for 4 more side quests, if you have an idea for a side quest, please mail me at delusionalknitter AT gmail DOT com.

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geeky Heather said...

Woo hoo, congratulations on the sock! We await commemoration of your glorious victory!

geeky Heather said...

Oh, and I forgot...I updated my Ravelry library with all my books, leaflets, etc., and even liberated some freebie patterns I know I won't ever get around to!!

Calophi said...

Most of my stuff is already in my library because I did it ages ago. =D I have a few of those 6-pattern books that are so old or so obscure that they aren't in Ravelry. It's annoying.