Monday, February 7, 2011

Thanks for Commenting

I just wanted to post a note to my wonderful commenters. I read all comments posted to my blog, actually I have it set to forward to my email. If you have an email attached to the profile you comment with, most likely I'll send you a shout back that way. Typically I don't comments to my comments, because, well I'm not sure they are even seen by the commenter ... do you go back and look for responses?

Anita asked if I've spun anymore ... nope. Not because I don't want to and I'm glad you asked, I'll get to that soon! Denise mentioned that practicing for short periods, but *frequently* is how you get good at it, that's excellent advise!

Thanks for your comments on the stenciling. I hope to post pictures of the boxes completed soon! Maybe even in use as the storage containers they were purchased for :o)

Lots of you commented on how lovely the yarn was for Saroyan. Can you believe its Lamb's Pride Worsted?? I've used this variegated type before and just love the colors!

I dug out my Nugatory socks this weekend and started knitting on those again. Luckily one sock was at the decease for the gussets, but I left it in a very easy state to figure out where I was in the pattern. I was looking though that pattern and saw where it said to put markers, there were markers on the needles, this section said, at this point you have 80 stitches ... so I counted and I had 80. The other sock was already past the gusset and on to the foot so that was easy.

This is a beautiful pattern and really great for hand dyed yarn. This particular yarn I dyed myself. What started as a horrible mess, ended up beautiful with overdyeing.


Unknown said...

Yes, spinning for short periods frequently is the best advice for beginners.

Love your hand dyed yarn. I'll have to check out that pattern.

How do you set up to receive comments by e-mail on blogger? That's information, I really need.

Anita said...

Nice socks!! :)

No, I usually don't go back to look for replies. I get comments emailed to me too so I reply from there, and assume most others do too. LOL (dont they say never to assume anything? he he)

Delusional Knitter said...

Under Settings > Comments (not the comments tab, the sub category under Settings) way at the bottom is Comments Notification Email. Enter the email you want the comments sent to and Save Settings.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

No, I don't go back and look for comments. Those are very pretty socks. Looks like you're wrestling WIPs as well!

Ziggyeor said...

I've gotten into the habit of going back to look at the comments but if they ask me something I either go to their blog and comment or address it in a new post.

Love your WIP's

Typstatting said...

I go back and look at the comments!
I just love the colour of your socks!

geeky Heather said...

I never go back and look at the comments, so I appreciate the emails. I wish everyone who comments would leave an email; so often I want to reply to a comment on *my* blog but can't or don''s so easy to reply from email.

I LOVE that overdyed yarn you did! I don't know what it looked like before you "saved" it, but it's gorgeous now!

Sue said...

Short spurts when we are learning anything is good. Love the socks. Fabulous colours.