Monday, July 5, 2010

OSO Mission 1 Debriefing

While I didn't get through my entire stash, I am happy with what I accomplished thusfar. I did go through the stash in the closet in my craft room, and I went through my pattern binder and pulled out anything I intend to knit in the near future and started a smaller binder with those patterns. What I refer to as my "Next to Knit" binder. I put the patterns in there and also noted if I had the yarn already and its general location. I also put a sheet in there with information about the pattern, intended recipient, what yarn I plan to use and if I have done a gauge swatch.

While doing this I got sidetracked into finishing the doors in my craft room. I completely remodeled this room last year, but the finishing touches were not done until this year. One thing I wanted to do was replace the door hinges, which the previous owners were nice enough to paint all over and make them look hideous, I jsut happened to have those on hand already I purchased them previously making sure they matched the other hardware that I replaced in the room. Also, I never painted the inside of the door jambs when I painted the doors, so I figured while I had the doors off the hinges, I might as well do that. It was a minimal pain in the butt since I had to tape off all the molding I lovingly replaced last year and spent oodles of time painting just right, but otherwise wasn't too bad.

Next plan is to check out the stash in the basement, maybe reorganize it so that like yarns are together (ie sock, baby, sweaters, etc.). Make note if they go with any patterns in my Next to Knit binder. I like to check out the stash in the basement every few months to make sure nothing has made a home in it that needs to be evicted for non-payment of rent :o)

Another task I've been putting off got somewhat done - windows. Another thing the prvious owners didn't seem to think important. Don't get me wrong, the lady did an excellent job cleaning up when she left, you could eat off the floor, it was the detail cleaning they never did. Mildew on ceilings, windows full of dirt and leaves and bugs. They also didn't realize that storm windows are meant to put down in winter. Most of them were up when we moved in in December, which leads to more crap in the sills. I cleaned two windows, storms, screens inside and out ... took a few hours. So I am not looking forward to the other 19 that still need to be done :0)

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