Sunday, June 13, 2010

Knitting Headaches

I always thought there must be a way to duplicate stitch a hole in a sock and make the knitting match up, rather than weaving like traditional darning - which I do not like the look and feel of. I found a link to a video tutorial on you tube from Knit Picks on darning techniques.

At first it was going very well, a little frustrating because of the broken ends that kept getting in the way or pulling out of stitches I thought were secure, but all in all not bad.

Further along (not pictured) when I got to the end where the coriolis band meets with increases and decreases, it wasn't going so well. While it looks better than traditional woven darning, it isn't great. I think because I was creating too many stitches and not replicating the original decreases. However, despite realizing that I was actually grinding my teeth in frustration (I do grind my teeth in my sleep, had no idea I did it while conscious!!) I gave up and went to lie down and watch tv.

I've been working on my February Lady Sweater in Malabrigo (which is such a lovely yarn to knit with) and its going well despite the fact that I keep missing yarn overs in the lace pattern. I ripped it back 6 rows last night because it was too hard to try and knit back and or rip and pick up stitches so I went back to the beginning of the lace since it was only a few rows. Now I am keeping track and making sure I have all the correct stitches. I just found a missed yarn over, but was able to correct without ripping back. Geesh! Yarn and I are not getting along this week!

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fleegle said...

You darn socks!! I am so impressed!!!! Cheeto waves a claw and says hi :_)