Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hot, hot, hot!

Its incredibly hot here in New England, considering it didn't even feel like summer until very recently and then it was 95 degrees all of a sudden ... don't like that, at least give us something to get used to!

I haven't posted in a month, so lets see if I can recall what's been going on!

I finished painting my craft room the other weekend. Last Friday I went to Home Depot and got the baseboards and trim paint. Now I have to rip up the carpet and scrape the foam off the floor, its this black foam that is glued to the floor and disintigrating, so it should be an interesting job! Then I can install the floor and door molding and baseboards.

We got a pond for the yard. Its about 3-4 feet across. The frogs love it ... and sometimes birds like to eat the frogs, yuck! The squirell also thinks its his personal drinking fountain.

We occasionally see deer in the yard, but the other day one came really close to the house. Unfortunately the screen in the window interfered with the photo. Would've been a really nice one!

I am on the first sleeve of my cardigan. I got the back, and two fronts done so far. Its coming out nicely, really quick too for a sweater. Will post photos once its done. This was the back up to the lace, then its stockinette from there.


Anonymous said...

Your northern deer are MUCH bigger than our little Florida deer.

The pattern on your sweater is really pretty. Gotta love that KnitPicks yarn.

fleegle said...

That sleeve is a teaser--it looks so delicate I want to see the entire sweater. Glad you liked my giraffe!