Thursday, July 2, 2009

The joys of painting ...

Ahh the joys of homeownership ... no really, compared to where we used to live, fixer-upper or not this is great.

I finally got to start painting today, after having to fix all of the poor workmanship from the previous owners. I sanded, plastered and sanded again ... and again these four walls until they were ready to be painted. I started today with primer to cover the old paint and any small imperfections. Here are two walls with one coat of primer, todays work.

Here's what's left to do. I am thinking I'll need at least two coats of primer!

Note to self - before painting change into crappy clothes. Now before you laugh at me, I did not get one drop of paint on me while I was painting. However, when I went to put the lid on the paint can, I splattered paint on my shirt and jeans ... go figure. So next time I will put on clothes I don't mind getting paint on ...

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