Sunday, March 22, 2009

Unseamingly Annoying

I was working on my Quidditch sweater yesterday and realized that I really should have seamed in the second sleeve in a relatively short amount of time after I did the first ... because now I don't remember exactly how I did the first and its not working out so well. I got the entire sleeve cap in yesterday and when I held it up for inspection, saw an ugly bulge in the back of the shoulder ... so I ripped half of it out, tried again easing in more of the sleeve over the arm hole and then the bottom didn't match up - where there is a contrasting stripe of color ... so its imperative that it matches up. Or I could just walk around leaning to one side when I wear this sweater, that would solve the problem too. So today I am going to completely rip it out and start from scratch. I did, however, get the neck folded over and sewn into place, so it wasn't a total waste of time.

Today I tried again and I think I got the second sleeve set in to match up well. I don't think this would be half as troublesome if there wasn't a contrasting stripe to match up here ... if it were all the same color, I think it would go a lot smoother. Now at this point I have the sleeve and side seams to sew up and they weave in all the ends.

Won't be knitting a sweater for a while ...

Here's the progress on my Hobbiton sock, this was the first installment of the Lord of the Rings sock club from The Unique Sheep. I must admit when I first got the skein and pattern I saw this lovely variegation on the sock pictured in the pattern and the skein in my hand looked just kinda plain green ... then the variegation began to show when I was winding the hank into a ball - then even moreso when it was knit up! I am pleasantly surprised at how lovely the colors knit up. Really couldn't tell from the hank how lovely this was going to be.

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Anita said...

A lot of work but it is turning out great!!

Love the sock too, that green is lovely.