Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Inaugural Post

2009 ... a new year ... a new blog. I have blogged in the past, unsuccessfully I must say since I didn't have very many readers. In December 2008 we purchased our first house. Before that we lived in a place that we nostaglically refer to as the cesspool of society. Some of the neighbors were obnoxious and had absolutely no concept or understanding of personal privacy, these people aired their personal "laundry" so to speak in the form of in-person or telephone conversations (sometimes outright arguments and fights) outside when each unit was only about 15 feet apart. Needless to say we could not find any peace in a place like this. I for one am a person who enjoys her peace and quiet and really has a dislike for dramatics (I don't watch reality tv for that reason) so this really tortured me.

Since we are now in a better place, both physically and mentally I am hoping this will allow my creative juices to flow freely and I will be able to knit more and maybe start dyeing yarn, designing my own knits, etc.

As of late I have been completely addicted to podcasts and was thinking about creating my own, however, I should probably get the blog thing down first.

This is a knitting blog, so let's talk about some knitting! I have been knitting since September of 2006. Fell in total and absolute love with the craft from the very beginning. I took several different classes at my local yarn shop to learn new techniques over the years. Mostly I knit socks ... I love sock yarn ... I hoard sock yarn ... I buy lots of pretty skeins of fantastical colors ... I hope to actually knit most of them someday before I forever depart this earthly realm.

I had a bit of a problem with my last sock project ... and had a gut instict reaction which I should have heeded, but didn't. I am saving this for another post. So since that happened, I am going to cast on a new sock project today with this:

Which now looks more like this:

Please leave a comment so I can come and visit you at your blog :o)

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Anita said...

Got your new blog plugged into my google reader. :)

I'm so glad that you found your new home! I know you were hating the old place!!