Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome 2011 :o)

2011 will be for me the year of enjoyment. No pressure, get over it, it'll be fine will be my motto. I've learned over the short 31 years of my life that life is too short and to get over it ... you'll be a lot happier and live a lot longer :o)

Now you may think I am throwing all responsibilities and whatnot out the window, nope, quite the opposite. I want to be more organized and thoughtful in life so that I have time and stuff to enjoy every moment. Made a pasta dish tonight, it called for butter ... guess what, we're out of butter ... but you know what, we've got that fake margerine spread stuff ... it worked just fine. Sure next time I'll try to write down butter so that when I go to the store I know I need it, hopefully I do, would be nice, but if not, oh well ... maybe next time.

Take better pictures ... I don't have the most fantastic camera ... but I'm pretty sure its a heck of a lot better that your average point and shoot ... its got all kinds of buttons on it, I just don't know what they do. There's a manual somewhere ... yeah did I mention getting organized. If not, most of those things are online now - I can probably find it on the internet. So I vow to figure out how to use my camera properly and get better pictures.

For example:

Yeah, I didn't take it ... boyfriend did.

OK, here's me trying the nifty flower aka close up button focus thingy ... oh and by the way, my model doesn't move ... should be easier for me right?!?!

Eh ... its a start ...

Spin more ... I took a class in September, bought some roving too ... what have I spun, the grand total is in attached to the spindle you see above. Need to work on that.

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Anonymous said...

No stress --- that's my goal for this year too.

What a cute kitty!