2011 War of WIPs

Hark! The evil WIPs are invading! Join me on my quest to rid our world of these evil, vile creatures before they take over the peaceful Kingdom of Knitting!

Do you have WIPs invading your territory? Are they taking over your kingdom?

Join me on a quest to conquer your WIPs in 2011! We will join forces to demolish the evil WIP Empire and restore peace to our land.

What is a WIP you may ask? It is any crafty project that has been started, but has yet to see itself to completion ... it wants to be a real boy!

Make a list of your intended conquests - WIPs that have been hanging around, how long they have been hanging around (if you can remember) and vow to finish them before the end of 2011!

First post of the quest will be Thursday 7/21/11. Then every Thursday thereafter will be a Call to Arms - post an update of your progress and link it here so we can visit each other's territories and cheer each other on until the war is won or we retreat in defeat.

This is not a forum to post new WIPs that are started (we have plenty of great ones for those) this is for those WIPs that have been around for months, or even years that you want to finally be rid of ... or enjoy wearing!

You can set a specific deadline for a WIP or just hope that your guiding wizard appears at the last moment (December 31, 2011) to help you on your quest.

Who's with me??

Optional Side Quests

August 14-28
Organize your Knitting Needle Stash

September 3-17
Organize your Knitting Pattern Queue

September 24 - October 9
Pair Knitting Queue with Yarn Stash

October 16-30
Organize your Knitting Library

November 1-15
Reacquaint with your Stash

More to be announced ...