Friday, February 5, 2010

Whew ...

Generally, I like my job. Sometimes its a little boring, but that's OK. Its pretty laid back so I can read a book or listen to my MP3 player when I am doing tedious, boring stuff. This week was really grueling ... hellish even. And its not just me, its everybody that feels this way. There was one job in particular that was really grating on all of our nerves this week and Thursday I actually had to leave the building and drive away for a break and cool off and then return to work. Now, this is a place where occasional swearing and outbursts of profanity are accepted and we are not reprimanded for this type of behavior. This day I left because I was beyond this type of behavior and was afraid that I would do something much worse and get in trouble for it, that's how bad it was.

But this week is over and its the weekend now, so that's good! Next week is a different week.

On to the knitting. I got through the body of my sweater and started the first sleeve. I did not swatch, and will swatch in the future ... or at least that's the plan from now on. However, luckily I thought I was bigger than I am so I made a size 4" bigger than my actual size, so the fact that my gauge is off is actually working out to the correct size. My row gauge is also off, but I think it will work out OK since I am petite - 5'3". So the fact that the body is 1 1/2 to 2" shorter than its supposed to be should work out. The sleeves I can continue on and keep the pattern the same to get the correct length to fit my arms. There are cables involved, but on the sleeves ribbing comes into play at the shoulders so I can continue with that until they are the correct length and keep the cable pattern in tact to match the body. And, I don't think it will come to this, but worst case scenario, the entire thing gets ripped out in the end and I chock it up to a learning experience. I was lucky in that the two previous sweaters I made, I also did not swatch, but they came out right in the end.

I ordered and received yarn for the February Lady Sweater this week. I decided on Malabrigo Worsted in Olive for this project and yes I am going to swatch! I think my gauge was off in the cable sweater because its in the round and the other two sweaters I have made were done flat. I know my gauge for socks is typically tighter than patterns call for and I usually go up a needle size to compensate, and those are also in the round ... knitting lesson learned.

I also received a package from Knit Picks. I ordered the starter dye kit and two other colors and two skeins of sock yarn to dye. I think I may attempt this in the Spring when I can do it outside on the deck so that the cats don't get into anything, or I will try to set up something in the basement. I need to pick up plastic wrap and vinegar and check if I need any other supplies.

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