Sunday, February 7, 2010

Unorganized Knitter

Since I started knitting in 2006 ... I've been trying to improve my organization of knitting supplies, ideas, stash, etc. with little luck in getting anything to stick. As you all know, you have plans to make certain things, or get x amount of whatever done ... then you browse online or go into your LYS and all those ideas go out the window and you fill your brain up with new ones. Now, things for myself, I could care less if I forget to make them, or forget that particular skein of yarn in my stash was for xyz ... but I would really like to get my gift knitting organized and planned in such a way as to actually be able to gift those things in a seasonal and time appropriate fashion. For example, the baby sweater for the baby ... not getting it done by the time the kid is 4 years old ... the Christmas stocking done by, oh I don't know, Christmas!

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee had a great idea this year to make up her own sock club, she took 12 skiens of yarn, patterns and all the accessories to get them done and put them in ziplock bags to grab one at random per month to have a year long club, very cool!

I've heard some people make spreadsheets of projects and yarn stash ... not sure if that's for me. Though I am proficient with computer programs, I don't know that I would maintain the sheet.

I've used my blog to make lists and post them, but then they get lost after several posts.

I have a binder with sheet protectors and patterns I want to make, I think I will try and utilize that to organize my gift knitting this year. If I devote a section of that to gift knitting and 2010 knitting for myself or better yet, use a smaller binder just for this idea. I have my stash in plastic totes in the basement and a few bookselves and baskets in my craft room. I could utilize one shelf and/or use some baskets for stash for particular projects. Hhmmm now to turn thoughts into actions, LOL!

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