Sunday, February 5, 2012

VideoCast Episode 5

Episode 5
February 4, 2012

Updates & Housekeeping

• Give-A-Way – MJIN Denmark post #2
• So behind on blog reading and podcasts
• Current WIP List
o February Lady Sweater
o Summerwind
o Reversible Cable Scarf
o Halloween Socks
o Niantic Rose Shawl
o Icarus Shawl
o Ribband


• Baby Blanket
o Met the baby Thursday!!
• Hitchiker – Madarin Lime
• Achilles HEAL

String Theory

• Rockin’ Sock Club
**If you are a member and do not want to see the January shipment, skip over 6:20 to 7:10**



Delusional Jabber

• Time Management
• Knitters’ Guild Meeting
• Week in review: concert, work, visit with mom & MJ
• Writing Class
• TV – Watched nothing, behind on Spartucus!

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Stefanie said...

I'm totally going to have Riverbottom Nightmare Band stuck in my head all day, thankyouverymuch :P