Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekend Update 12-18-11

Its so easy to get discouraged when things don't magically work the way you want them to. I have been progressively taking baby steps the latter part of this year to get organized and stop doing stupid things. One thing I have successfully done several times now is stop and get gas when the tank is less than 1/4 ... not wait until I am already late for work and the low fuel light comes on. The thought, I don't have time, is always one of the preventing motivators of doing smart things, like I don't have time to stop for gas ... really because you have to be home 5 minutes earlier than if you stopped ... for what?!?!

I had a basket of mail that I tossed in the corner of the kitchen until I could go through it and make sure there wasn't anything important in there ... do you know what I found? Not one thing that was terribly important. And about 75% of it was junk mail and flyers. 5% was probably paperwork that I didn't need, but wanted to shred so my information wasn't exposed and the rest was stuff I could get again if I wanted to (like paint sample chips). The basket was cleaned out, sorted and ... I THREW OUT THE BASKET! Can't keep hoarding crap in a basket that isn't there.

I would love to be in a position where the only cleaning I was doing on the weekend was actual cleaning, with soap and water, duster and a vacuum. In my 30+ years I have learned some things, but still sometimes I feel like knocking on my forehead and yelling, "Hello, McFly!!" I'm getting there, bad habits die hard.

Its so easy to just throw in the towel and give up. I am consistently trying to think of the positives and the things I am doing better to motivate me to continue. I keep telling myself that it will get better and easier one day if I keep plugging away.

I don't want you to think my house belongs on a show like Hoarders, its definitely not that bad at all. My problem is one more of procrastination ... you shouldn't do dishes because there isn't a clean fork to use as an example. Or spend 20 minutes looking for a bill that you know is due, but you don't know where you put it.

I think I am disappointed in myself, we moved into this house only three years ago, that was a good chance to start fresh and be organized, I was doing well for a while, but I let those old habits take over.

Now, ask me where a skein of yarn is or a cherished book is ... I could find it in less than a minute, LOL!!

Here's something that fell under this category. This shawl was completed back in August. It was still sitting in my chair with ends dangling all over just yesterday (FO post already posted).

Ta da!

I was going to pin it to block, but its got kind of a weird shape and garter stitch, so I just pressed it out with my hands and left it to dry that way on its own. Seemed to work out fine.

And why was it left uncompleted for so long ... there were A LOT of ends to weave in!

I've been spinning a bit, you can see the bobbin that's done and resting, its half of the roving by weight. Now I am working on spinning up the other half.


Mangogirl said...

love your scarf such gorgeous colours.

kathy b said...

hahaha the weaving in of ends is so daunting isnt it

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

Gratz on getting organized and finishing your beautiful shawl. I do a lot of the same things but have been working at being better organized too. Some times a few hours of organizing can save hours of searching time.. hehe

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

I remember a decluttering show on PBS where the host said if you wanted to live in a room with one bed, one chair, one table and one book, you already would! But I have to admit I am much closer to "junkyard" status than simply cluttered. On the other hand, some of my best ideas come about because two items just happen to land next to each other on a pile, and I start wondering what might happen with a little glue here, or needle and thread. Neccesity may be the mother of invention, but clutter is the grandpappy of creativity around here! Best wishes for a great holiday, and may your blessings be so numerous that they overflow any basket you choose to put them in.

autumngeisha said...

Organizing the house is a daunting task. It seems like it is never-ending. Especially for procrastinators like us. Good job on going through the junk mail basket. Baby steps do eventually add up.