Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend Update 7/4/11

Happy July 4th!

We rarely have people over ... mainly because we're lazy. So much so that it took us the entire day Sunday cleaning up the house and yard to make it presentable. I like to knit and watch tv, he likes to work on music or play video games ... neither likes to clean the house. We have no children, so really are just big, old children ourselves and we like it that way ... not so cool when people are coming.

For example I've had mildew on my bathroom ceiling in the corner where there's not a lot of ventilation ... its been on my to do list for months now, it takes company for me to get off my butt and clean it off. All it took was a bucket and gloves, some bleach and water and about 30 minutes. Acckkk! Why are we so freakin lazy?!?!

We have gotten a lot better over time ... I only had to sweep and dust the living room, really no clutter in there. The laundry room ... a hem, that's another story.

I did pick up the spindle again Sunday, haven't touched that in a while. I am happy that it truly must be a muscle memory thing and I didn't "forget" how to do it. All my previous repetitive practice has paid off. Now I just have to practice consistant drafting.

I dyed some more yarn this weekend. I tried to dye some colors that are not "me" colors. Typically I stick with purples and black ... as you can probably tell if you've been visiting this blog for a while. These will be up in the Etsy shop soon. Some I will re-skein for asthetic purposes, like the purple one on the left I already have.

I love using up extra dye with roving, its so easy to paint roving any type of color. This one I'll be keeping for myself.

I also tried a sock blank this time around. I knew from other people's experiences that the dye really moves across the blank, so actual stripes are very hard to accomplish without making an icky mess. So I stuck with colors that if they blended together wouldn't make brown, and I kept it more of a gradience than stripes.

Guess we're not recycling that paper ...

How was your 4th? Or your weekend if you've not in the States?


Anonymous said...

Cats certainly find some crazy places to sleep. That does NOT look comfortable. LOL

WildflowerWool said...

Like the new yarn!