Sunday, May 1, 2011

An Adventure in Dyeing

I finally found these pansies again after 2 years! Sometimes they are called Black Beauties, today they were called Halloween. They are so dark purple that they look black.

Since it was so nice out today, I decided to pull out the dye for the first time of the year.

I was nice to myself and actually labeled some of the colors before I put them away before.

I tried two new colors this time, Jet Black and True Turquoise. I am happy with the turquoise, but the black didn't really come out black. I've heard that about black. Next time I'll try mixing it double and see how it works.

Yarn ready for the pot!

The final product ... not quite what I had in mind ... but that's usually how this works out, LOL!! I am happy with it, its just not what I was thinking at the time.

I also tried dyeing some roving that I had. I love how it came out. It wasn't as fun as dyeing yarn and as I was doing it I was hoping that I wasn't rendering the roving useless by the end. It seems ok, its still wet here, but doesn't seem to be the matted mess I thought would come out in the end.


Anonymous said...

The blue with the gold is really pretty.

Sue said...

Great job on the yarn and the colours in the roving are stunning. I love the colour of the Halloween pansy....It is going to be mid 20s (celcius) here all it may be Halloween before I plant any pansies at all! lol

Typstatting said...

Love the colours and you never expect the colours to turn out how you want them!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

I often think that dyeing yarn must be like painting watercolors - a light touch is required and a readiness to embrace the way the colors flow and bleed.

It's almost never what you expect, is it? But sometimes it's way better than you could hope. Let's see it knitted up!

kathy b said...

Came to you from Dee's blog.

AMAZING dyeing!! Love the colors you created..the grey in the mix makes it for me!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous colors in this post! I really love the shades in your yarn. I feel like dyeing is always an adventure for me, too, but there's definitely fun in the unexpected.

Anonymous said...

Oh the yarn is FAB. Absolutely covetable.