Monday, March 2, 2009

Yarn Buyers Anonymous

Is there a group for this? I need to join it, LOL! I was trying to not buy yarn this year since we just purchased a house and well ... have a lot more bills to pay now. I have been fairly unsuccessful so far. I did go on a binge before we moved since I knew this was coming, so its certainly not that I don't have anything to knit with ... I have plenty. But as I am sure you all know ... we just can't resist ... especially if something is marked down!

January - Knit Picks $32.12
February - Knit Picks $12.45
February - LYS $8.99
February - Etsy $17.85
February - TLE $31.70
March - Rockin Sock Club $230

Grand Total: $333.11

And it is only March. So much for not spending any money on yarn! I couldn't help joining The Rockin' Sock Club, I missed it last year and this year it technically should no longer be available but they were still taking registrations.

I also joined a sock club last year that started shipping this year, so at this point between the two I will get a shipment each month, this this will tide me over?

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Anita said...

LOL! You & me both! But I'm not brave enough to total them all up. I prefer to think of it as $20 here & $30 there. :)