Sunday, March 8, 2009

Almost Finished

I took my Quidditch sweater to my LYS Saturday for some advice on how to start seaming the shoulder caps since I've never done those type of seams before and started one of them there, had to back it out a bit because it wasn't lining up at the end, but otherwise it went pretty smoothly. Today I finished the neck and cast that off, so all that is left at this point is to seam in the other shoulder, whip stitch the neck on the inside and seam up the sleeves and sides ... then weave in all the ends.

While at my LYS I made some purchases ... and I think they went up on their prices, everybody has seemed to lately because of the state of the economy I guess ... though it doesn't help us want to purchase more from retail places if that's the case. Anyway, I got 5 skeins of worsted weight Berocco Comfort to start the Year in a Blanket. Its already March and I don't have any squares completed yet ... mainly because I couldn't decide on what yarn I wanted to knit it in. I am going with Comfort because its machine washable and dryable, really soft to the touch and I have socks in Comfort Socks and they have held up really nicely. I got some coordinating earth tone shades and hope its enough to make the squares and then if I want a border or strips in between the squares to make the blanket larger I can find a color for that later. Dye lot doesn't really matter since all the squares are different anyway, so if I do run out of these main colors I can just get more.

I also got some sock yarn ... of course I can't leave without more sock yarn! Berocco Sox in the new striping kind and some Tofutsies in a really cool black, yellow and teal. I will post photos later when I can take some in daylight.

Sunday my boyfriend's parents came down for a visit and we had lunch. His mom helped him replace the insides of my toilet so that we can turn it back on. We have two bathrooms so this wasn't too big a deal, one toilet ran all the time because the flap inside was old and not sealing right so water kept draining out and the tank kept filling back up, so we don't want to waste water and turned it off for a while since we have another toilet in the house. Now its all fixed and not running on its own anymore!!

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Anita said...

Can't wait to see the sweater! And your blanket is going to be great, I love that yarn.

Toilets have a mind of thier own sometimes I think, ours drive us nuts, we've replaced the inner workings several times. Never seems to last more than a year. UGH! :)