Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Franken Blanket

So I started this blanket last January (2013) and while I was hopeful - I didn't think it realistic that I would finish it in one year ... nope.

It has been sitting for quite some time with nothing added to it.  I would love to knit one square a day - but that is also crazy and I know just won't happen.  To complete the row I am currently on, I need 12 squares ... that seems more reasonable!  Let's see if I complete a row by the end of the month!

And yes - I did knit a square today!  The upper left corner (dark purple).


Anonymous said...

I LOVE those scrappy blankets. I wish I had started on when I first started knitting socks. I can imagine that I would almost be done with one --- 200+ pairs of socks scraps?

I really need to not "delete" my Ravelry projects each month. I'd love to know the exact count of how many projects I've finished since Rav came along.

Leslie said...

I just finished a similar mitered square sock yarn blanket...I loved working on it and did manage to get one square per day, most days, but took breaks from it too. Good luck with yours! I love mine right now. It's the perfect weight for cool evenings.

kathy b said...

aww Im in AWE of all you who really make those amazing blankets that are so labor intensive. You go girl

Lynn said...

Very cool!!! I keep contemplating starting one of these blankets, but I know it would take me FOREVER to complete!! So I live vicariously thru you!!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I think mine took me about three years to complete (and mine is fairly small). When I got to the point where I was very focused on trying to complete it, I tried to do a row a week. I think my rows were around 12 squares.