Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tick, tick ... tock (continued)

At this point (time), I've figured out what is missing (void) and what I need to *do* to rectify it (schedule).


Here are the things I want to do (accomplish) in the time that I have, and in order to do those things, time needs to be allotted to accomplish each task.


Knit (number one because this is a knitting blog)

Those are great for the mind ... in order to have a healthy mind, we need a healthy body for it to live in.

Tai Chi
Meditate (yeah this is mind, but it helps the body)

And in order to have a healthy mind and body, we need a nice place to live and food to eat.

Based on our last exercise, I have 52 hours per week, the hours left over excluding sleep and work.  So let's clean the house - 30 minutes per day and one hour each weekend day.  That's 4.5 hours per week.  Now we are down to 47.5 hours left.

Now we need to cook and eat.  That's 5 hours per week (time spent eating while at home and preparing meals - left overs included of course :o)  Now we have 42.5 hours left.

Well a clean house makes for a happy mind, so let's allot 30 minutes per day, plus 1 hour per weekend day to the mix.  Now we're down to 38 hours.  Let's not forget paying bills and shopping for the food and the products necessary to clean the house.  Let's allot 2 hours per week for that.  Now we have 36 hours left.

36 - I have 36 hours left for hobbies and fun.  Well reading I enjoy, let's allot 1 hour per day to that.  Now we are down to 29.  If I allot 15 minutes per day to each healthy body task (notice how this is now a task and not a hobby :o)  I have 22 hours left.  I know have a little over 4 hours per week for each hobby - knitting, spinning, prepping fiber dyeing and writing.

So what' the problem?

Well at the moment I attend physical therapy twice a week, that takes an additional 1.5 hours per session, so three hours lost.  That leaves well over 3 hours per hobby (3.8 to be exact, but we're forgetting bodily functions - bathroom, socialization - conversations and um - other things :o) and just plain observing life.  So let's say 3 hours.  Still plenty of time per week.

I think my next action should be to record a day, perhaps a weekday and weekend day.  Now I won't bore you with micro details (like bathroom time), but I'll record major time events - knitting, talking on the phone with my BFF for 3 hours, catching up on tv for 2 hours, reading, writing .. staring off into space (hey, we all need down time), etc.

Stay tuned, I am making some serious progress here!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my .... you NEED more knitting time in there.

Lynn said...

I haven't decided if it's cool or a little psychotic to break down your time this intently!!! Then again I probably could use a bit more scheduling to get more done. I spend more time on the computer than I care to say........

And I agree with Dee, you need more knitting time!