Thursday, October 6, 2011

War of WIPs Call to Arms #12

Want to join the war?? Check out the 2011 War of WIPs page.

In addition to finishing WIPs, there will be optional side quests to organize your knitting life! Check out the War of WIPs page for more information!

I dug Saroyan out of the WIP bin and completed another leaf.

I have 8 more rows on Celeano!

Next Battles on the Horizon:

Bat Shawl Vanquished 8/27/11
Celeano Shawl 9/30/11
Niantic Rose Shawl
Coriolis Socks Vanquished 9/8/11
Nugatory Socks
February Lady Sweater
Derek's Scarf
Reversible Cable Scarf
Icarus Shawl
Stenciling storage boxes
Hummingbird Cross Stitch

**Next Quest**
September 24 - October 9
Pair Knitting Queue with Yarn Stash

This one is quite a task! I haven't even attempted anything yet. No time on the weekends right now to play with stash.

Want to join the war?


Sue said...

I hear your Call To Arms and am joining you again in your quest. Saroyan is looking absolutely lovely. There is a good possibility I will be joining you in knitting that one after seeing yours. You are doing a marvellous job on Celaeno, too. Huzzah! Huzzah!

pinkundine said...

I have been working on pairing my stash with my rav queue - partly to try and avoid buying new yarn because I have plenty!

WildflowerWool said...

Good for you, you are making progress!

kathy b said...

Celeano is just lovely. you are almost there