Sunday, April 3, 2011

2AKACBW - Day 7

I saw that this was coming, and when it was time, I completely blanked on it and wasn't keeping up with blog reading so I didn't realize it had started. I'm going to go backwards here since this is the last day, LOL! Most of my crafting time is limited to my crafting room in my house. Typically I watch episodes of tv shows on my computer while I knit. Sometimes I listen to Pandora radio or a book on my MP3 payer.

My knitting and spinning is confined to this room, not by choice, but by necessity. We live with three cats. While for the most part they are well behaved, one we lovingly refer to as "awful cat", "horrible cat" and "worst cat ever". When she is misbehaving, which is pretty much any time she's awake, she responds to the previous references with a kitty smile, and tilt of the head making that "I'm so cute and you know you love me face." Oh, did I mention she tears yarn to shreds? She tries desperately to get in my craft room any chance she can get and the first thing she does is run right to any accessible yarn and grabs it and holds on tight. I've wrestled her for a skein a few times.

Who would've thought this cute little thing would turn out to be such a horrible, evil cat??? No, all kidding aside, she's super sweet and has a lot of personality ... but sometimes that personality decides to do naughty things ...

Usually I don't snack while knitting, but I found that Cheezits in a cup are great to snack on while knitting ... the cup is so that I don't get greasy, crumby fingers and can keep on knitting while snacking. I think any small cracker type food would work great for this. Or you know M&Ms.

I don't really like to knit in groups. I feel distracted by the conversation and only bring very simple projects or socks. I like visiting with other knitters though, so I'll go, but I don't knit much.


Anonymous said...

Oh you can't expect me to believe that the kitty in that picture would tear up your yarn. That is much too sweet a kitty. (LOL)

It's funny about knitting in groups. Sometimes my group is VERY chatty, but some weeks we barely talk because everyone is involved with their projects.

autumngeisha said...

What a sweet kittie. Too bad they don't have yarn obedience training for CWYD (cats with yarn disorder). I love the snack in a cup technique and will be stealing it for my next knitting session. I'm thinking chex mix will do very well.

Liz in Ypsilanti said...

I like the idea of participating in KACBW on your own time. I may try that. I totally believe that little kitty would do evil. They are amazing creatures (and I wouldn't have them any other way).