Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring You Say ....

What an April Fool's joke Mother Nature played on us ...

The whole intent of this project was stash busting. I had some left over yarn from a baby sweater, so I went and purchased two other colors and I wanted to try out diagonal knitting. Why I decided to try this technique out on such a large project, I'll never know. I've learned a lot over the years of knitting ... mostly what NOT to do, LOL!

It is highly possible that I have another skein of green downstairs, I haven't looked yet. But I can only figure that I had more green than the other colors because I clearly thought that at the time. You can see that I did more striping in the green and red. I know those were the colors I purchased and the other colors were used for the sweater. Or that could mean that I had one whole skein of green and red and that was my thinking. You can see that there's not much green left at this point.

I just realized that I completely missed the Knitting and Crochet Blog Week. I may go back and post the topics even though the event is almost over. I thought it was an interesting activity to have particular topics related to the craft to blog about.

I finally bit the bullet last night and ripped back the In Dreams Shawl ... I am just going to start from the beginning and hope it goes well this time. Clue 5 was released yesterday ... on my I am so behind!


Anonymous said...

Some prank indeed. I hope it all melts soon!

The stripes on the blanky are sweet. I hope you've got enough yarn, it'd be a real pity if you couldn't finish it.

Sue said...

I know you are thoroughly sick of it....but it does look beautiful...and cold...sigh!

Your diagonal knitting is looking good. As for Dreams, it is better to be taking the time and getting it so you are happy with it, than being up to date and full of mistakes, then feeling unhappy about it.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

That snow is not nice!
Hopefully it melts quickly