Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Silver Lining

I got this lovely Russian spindle on Ravelry in a de-stash.  Up til this one I have been pleased with all of these types of transactions.  While nothing is always perfect, people listing items are usually VERY clear if there are any defects.

The metal spinning tip looked completely mangled and there was a divot/chip in the flicking tip.  The photo below is AFTER I fixed it - I really wish I thought to take a before photo.  It had gouges all over it (tool marks) and a very large burr on the tip that caused it to wobble all over and barely spin.  Knowing my husband has some metal files, I put this away for a little while - DON'T file angry (see below). Today was a day off, so I tackled this, and it really only took 5-10 minutes to fix it up.  

It could still use some fine filing to get it ultra smooth, but I've learned when sanding/filing things, its best to do it in small, short sessions ... I did once sand a hand sander right through the wall trying to fix a really bad, old paint and plaster job from the previous owners of our house ... oh and by hand sander I mean a MANUAL hand block sander, you know a flat piece with a handle that you clamp sandpaper onto ... not an electric one.

Now I am confident in tackling some of my other spindles and sanding the flicking tips / making minor adjustments.

I am quite pleased with how this turned out and happy that I didn't waste $40.  It spins incredibly now that it has a smooth surface and I fixed the divot in the flicking tip too. Its a gamble when you purchase things like this from other people, but generally knitters/spinners are good peeps.

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kathy b said...

Yes I have to agree its IS a gamble, but the knit folk are really good peeps!!