Monday, September 22, 2014

Almost Done

I finished Ravello the other day, it needs all the ends woven in and a good blocking to be REALLY finished.

Then I started a sleeve on the February Lady Sweater.

There are a few sweaters in my queue that I want to knit ... but I figured I should probably finish up the ones that are almost done first ...


elns said...

Wow! Your sweater progress is great! Meanwhile, I seem to be going no where with my knitting, or in the case of my pumpkin socks backwards. I got mad at them yesterday and ripped out a good 4 inches. I'm secretly regretting I was not more patient, but then, I wouldn't be me, ha!

Anonymous said...

The sweater turned out nice.

Doesn't it feel good to get an old WIP done?

This winter I intend to make a SERIOUS dent in my stash! Get some of that old sock yarn actually knit up into SOCKS.

Lynn said...

Nice!! How do you like the February Sweater?? I have it in my queue and I've been planning on making it for abt 3 years. Want to know if it's worth it.