Sunday, October 21, 2012

Spinning on a little bug

I love my little Roadbug spinning wheel.  It is not a traditional wheel.  It doesn't have a drive band.  It truly is a "travel" wheel.  The flyer unscrews and fits onto one of the treadles, the other treadle also unscrews and fits on the side of the wheel.  I haven't taken it anywhere, but I would be totally comfortable doing so.

I purchased it at the 2012 New Hampshire Sheep & Wool Festival after trying it in person.  I had been coveting it online, but really wanted to test drive it before dropping that much cash ... and for a wheel, its actually very inexpensive ($200-$300 less than a traditional wheel), but still an investment as hobby equipment.

Though it is not a "Traditional" wheel, it has all of the important components of a wheel.  A drive wheel, treadles, a flyer and an orifice ... that's all you need to spin.  It also has 3 ratios.  It can be used as a single or double treadle.

After getting it all oiled up and practicing treadling, I started on some roving to try it out.  It spun wonderfully.     It was easy to use, easy to set up (moving from its resting location in the room to in front of my chair).

I spun and spun and finished half of the roving that I had.  Then I started on the second half.

I'm almost done the second half of the roving and can't wait to start plying!