Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend Update 8-7-11

Whew the weekend is over already! I finished the Butin Collar and made matching earrings, pretty sure I'll be wearing them for the big day next Saturday. All that was left for the collar was to sew on the clasp ... where is that blue thread I know I had for sewing buttons on a baby sweater?!?! Not in the sewing box (but there's plenty of other colors of thread in there) ... not in the drawer with all the needles and buttons, etc. Finally after looking through the closet and every bit of craft stuff for about an hour I somehow remember recalling it in the coffee table drawer ...

Because that's a great place for a random spool of thread, right?!?!

The earrings are blocking and boy did they need it. I knit the second way tighter than the first. I think they'll match up fine once blocked.

I also couldn't find my darning needles ... they are in a Chibi ... I've had it in the same spot for the last 5 years ... its completely MIA ... and no it wasn't in the coffee table, I looked :o) Luckily I found some random spare needle in a notions box to sew on the clasp.

I will be posting the War of WIPs post this week, but may not be contributing any updated photos. We leave Friday for our wedding and will be away for a few days. I'm not sure I'll have time to post anything new between now and then so I am preparing the post ahead, please link if you are participating and I'll check out your posts when I get back.

Is anyone still interested in the Bead-A-Long?? It seems to have lost steam and doesn't have the participation that I anticipated. I was thinking of discontinuing the a-long for lack of participation. Let me know your thoughts.

Speaking of beading, I am loving it! Especially after the completion of the Butin Collar and earrings!

Even more interesting, when I went to search for the link to the pattern ... my own image came up in google, LOL!!

I started the West Knits Mystery Knit A Long and completed clue one. I think this is the first mystery along that I'm actually on time with. Usually I hear about them really late and am forever behind on the clues. I stumbled upon it through Ravelry and snatched at the chance. I haven't knit any of his work, but was always interested in how he uses color and texture. This should be an interesting knit!

While I was preparing this photo I got an email that clue 2 is available!! Whoo hoo!


Anonymous said...

What a pretty combo of yarn colors!

Alyssa said...

Mystery alongs are a lot of fun! And, whoo-hoo! The big day is super close!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

I'm still intimidated by beading! Sorry you haven't had the participation you had hoped! That's disappointing.

geeky Heather said...

NEXT WEEKEND!! Best wishes to you!

I have all kinds of things in the coffee table drawer, too....

I'm waffling on the bead along...since I finished my lace learning piece, I want to start a lace piece. I do have a shawl with beads, but I still think it may be beyond my skill. I'd totally join after I do one more "learning" piece.

Sue said...

Best wishes to you both and here's to perfect weather. The beading looks fabulous...on Google too! Stephen West does fabulous shawls. I look forward to watching yours grow.