Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Process vs Product Knitter

I've always thought that I was a process knitter as opposed to a product knitter. I think I now have ample proof that does indeed reflect that I am a process knitter. If you are unfamiliar with these terms, a process knitter knits to knit, they enjoy the act of knitting and the paraphernalia that goes along with knitting. A product knitter knits to get the final product, yes of course they enjoy the act of knitting, but ultimately, they knit so that they can use the item at the end.

I often have several projects on the needles. I often have projects that I never finish. I took a class on mitered mittens ... how many mittens do I have? One. Fortunately for me I have two hands - I think it would be very difficult to knit if I didn't - but unfortunately for my mitered mitten ... I have two hands.

People ask me to knit things for them, usually, if I know them well and like them, I enthusiastically tell them sure, I'd love to, what color? etc. then I run out and get yarn and find a pattern ... I may even start the item right away ... then it takes forever for me to finish - really I have a scarf for someone that's been going for 3 years now, because now I *HAVE* to knit it, its obligatory at this point. I don't want to knit it, not because I don't like this person or don't like the item, but most likely they asked me to knit something they saw me wearing and guess what ... I've already knit one of those. I typically choose to knit something because its new and different and challenging ... hence I am a process knitter.

I'll try anything once, I'll eat anything ... again sometimes only once, I'll install a floor in my house with no previous experience, hey, my philosophy is maybe it'll work out and I don't have to pay a professional and at worst, I tried and do have to call a professional to fix the mess I made - usually it works out though and I've saved thousands of dollars this way. More money for yarn :o) The same thing goes for knitting with me. I'll try anything, get help if needed or take a class if it doesn't work for me on my own.

What kind of a knitter are you?


Anonymous said...

If I go by the definitions you stated --- I'm a product knitter. I do enjoy knitting, but I don't have more than two projects at a time and I definitely want them FINISHED! LOL

So --- I think it's product for me. :-)

Anonymous said...

I have to say a process knitter. I've proved that by the amount of time I've been knitting a Boneyard Shawl. I started it on 18th October and ripped it back so many times I've lost count! I have no problem with that at all. My partner wonders if I'm obsessed, especially when I say that every time I frog something it means more knitting on something I like. I'm sure it makes perfect sense to you and all other process knitters!