Sunday, July 19, 2009


I was working on two different sock patterns recently. One is a made up as I go for a co-worker in worsted weight, so its going fairly quick when I actually sit and knit on it.

The other is the Prince of the Wood Elves from the Unique Sheep Lord of the stRings Club. I found on the PotWE sock I didn't decrease back to the initial number of stitches once I finished the gusset decreases. Since I have already ripped this out once before because I didn't like how it was going and my gauge was off for the number of stitches I had, I started again with more stitches ... then found that I didn't decrease properly, uurrgghhh!! So exasperated I tossed (a little violently) that one aside for now.

I started again with the one for the co-worker because I want them done so they are off my list, especially since there is a recipient waiting for them. Last night I picked it up after it had been sitting for a while and found yet again, I didn't decrease properly, I have 6 more stitches on the foot than the leg. However, considering the size should be 10" circumference for mid foot and only half of the foot is done in ribbing, whereas the entire leg is ribbing, I think I am going to go with it because I think they'll fit better this way (I would hate for them to be too small). I'll make the mate to match.

Why I made this mistake on two completely different socks is driving me nuts! Maybe its the little furry monster that chases my fingers and yarn and tries to bite the cable on my needles that is distracting me from counting properly, hahahaha!! I call him Riley the Demented.

Speaking of furry little knitting stalling creatures, I am still trying to finish up my craft/computer/sanctuary room. I was almost done with the walls when I noticed that the molding I got for the closet door was much thinner than the old molding and I had to repair all the drywall around the closet door to make it a nice smooth surface to paint, so that stalled that project for the bit. I think I will be able to paint next weekend now that I've plastered and sanded most of it. Still have a bit to go, but my forearms are starting to get really sore from all the sanding. So I will take it slow and shoot for next weekend. I also found a few more holes and dings to fix once I put the first coat on the other three walls, so I plastered them as well. Once the walls are done, then the floor needs to be installed. Once that's down I can install the door molding and baseboards (which will need to be painted first and I have to purchase the baseboards), then paint the window trim. Once that's done I will have the ceiling molding to do, but I think I can move everything in before that and save that for last.

I am getting frustrated that this is not done yet and I don't have the ample space and sanctuary I expected when we moved here. However, I am pretty sure I only started this is June and considering the state the room was in from the previous owners - just really sloppy work, its not all that bad for time.

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Tama said...

It must be something in the weather. I have been making this Lopi sweater--really easy--but I have had to rip back the body once, the sleeves three different times, and last night as I was working on the yoke I screwed up the decreases and now I am ripping it back! I finally tossed it aside and went to bed very grumpy!